How to Experience Beyond the Wine

The experiential factor in the world of wine has always been present. This kind of product has always fascinated a niche of experts who once fell in love with the nectar of gods and lived the wine as an ultra-sensorial experience and in some cases as something religious. Today, however, we can observe a progressive transformation of the consumer. Not only experts: wine seems to have entered in our lives in a completely new way and to arouse the interest of most of people. We perceived something Beyond the Wine.

This is the change that has been observed in the last years.

Wine in Italy

Deeply rooted in Italian’s culture, wine has always been present on Italian’s tables.

At lunch or at dinner, during an aperitif with friends or simply to toast to a special occasion, this product occupied a special place for Italians

However the change we are observing in the last years has led wine to become something else.

Something different from a simple beverage.

Italian consumers have now started to educate themselves, to drink less, to drink better but most of all to live wine in a different way.

They are aiming at the experience, they are aiming at capturing its essence.Il Vino oltre il Vino


Wine Experiences

The Wine Experiences such as tours and degustations, or experiences in the cellar as many Italians define them, have become more and more “necessary”.

This experience, today, can be done in most of wineries.

We approach the world of viticulture, the world of wine tasting and by being guided by experts we get closer to understand how wine is, after all, something extremely personal.

Everyone has defined tastes, preferences. Every one of us has different expectations about a specific wine instead of another one.

Il Vino oltre il Vino

A New Perception of Wine

In 2019, wine tourism seems to have made a 45% growth (source Food and Wine Tourism Report).

Wine has literally gone from being a food good to a luxury good.

We are not talking about price, of course, we are talking about the perception and value of wine as a good.

Surely the first country where this change took place was France which had always perceived wine in a “different” way from the rest of the world.

Later on, we observed the same kind of change in the United States of America and in particular California. Napa Valley, since the beginning of the 2000’s, was already in the forefront in terms of wine experiences and in general terms the perception of foreign wines (Italy, France) was different compared to many other countries.

In Italy the change has been slower because of a cultural matter: wine has always been part of Italian’s daily life and it is only in recent times that they started to get interested in this fascinating subject in a more and more specific way.

As a matter of fact, Italian consumers, nowadays, are more interested in quality and in the peculiarity of the product than in the past.

Wine Quality Vs Quantity

Talking specifically about the increasing consumption of quality wines we should point out this phenomenon is also to be attributed to the increasing knowledge about the beneficial effects of wine on our health  and in particular the benefit that we can have Organic wines.

Moreover the internationalization of cuisines has increased the interest for the most varied types of wines to be matched to different dishes.

The wine market, in particular the Italian one, is probably one of the markets that is having the highest possibility of expansion today.

It has been noticed a progressive diminishing of the massive productions which characterized Italy in the past and most of the wineries, especially in the Chianti Classico area the most part of the producers nowadays are looking for limited productions which exclusively aim at quality.Il Vino oltre il VinoWine Conclusion

As a consequence, we have rediscovered a product that is so dear to us, in Italy and not only. We just have to immerse ourselves in this wonderful world by participating in tastings and experiences in the best wineries. By letting ourselves be guided and by unlocking the doors of our perception we will come back home feeling extremely enriched.

Let’s also remember the experience will not end once we get back to our lives. It is something we will be able to experience again every time we will have the chance to discover a new wine.

It is something we can also experience every time we want- after all we live in a sort of “global village” and all it takes is a Click to have the chance to get our favorite wine at home.

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