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Beauty Products

For Timeless Beauty – Natural Skin Care Line Made from the Stem Cells of Red Grapes: a Healthy Natural Remedy & Superfood for your Skin.

Thanks to the innovative raw materials harmonized in refined formulations, Montemaggio has created a cosmetic line that ensures your face will radiate with timeless beauty.

Montemaggio beauty products bring immediate well-being and renewed radiance. You will see long-lasting benefits for young and mature skin alike. All which discover an irreplaceable ally to reduce wrinkles and small expression lines that we all love to hate.

Formulated in the Italian laboratory, the products of the Montemaggio cosmetic beauty line combine a recognized effectiveness in contrasting the aging processes with the properties of natural raw materials that activate a bio-revitalizing and compacting action on your skin.

The top quality and refinement that characterize Montemaggio’s formulas allow you to take care of your skin in a natural and effective way. This is all thanks to the high concentration of innovative ingredients such as glucuronic acid, red grape stem cells (Solar Vitis), essential oils and vegetable granules.

Exfoliate your face and get a deep cleansing to keep your skin young and healthy

N1 FDM Face Scrub of Montemaggio

Organic eye cream to detoxify and moisturize your eyes

N2 FDM Eye Contour Cream of Montemaggio

Anti-aging face serum to lift and hydrate your face

N3 FDM Face Serum of Montemaggio

anti-aging day cream made from wine products in Chianti Classico

N4 FDM Day Cream of Montemaggio