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Various Other Products from Fattoria di Montemaggio Estate


Since we grow various things from our vineyards for our wines and degustations, we also produce and sell other products such as olive oil and Grappa too. Take a look below at our other products and learn about the various processes. Don’t forget that we have wine tours, degustations and more on our estate that you can enjoy when you come to the Chianti Classico region. However, we want you to be able to take a little bit of Italy home with you or order more to be delivered to your home at any time. We have various wines and other products for you to enjoy year round.

We produce our organic olive oil from our olive trees here at the estate and also organic Grappa from the vinaccia that is left after the separation of young wine, skins and seeds of the grapes used during fermentation. You will also be able to find a section about gifts packs that you can purchase from us that will remind you or your loved one about Tuscan traditional, Tuscan delicacies so famous all around the world. See more of what we have to offer below and order yours today.

Grappa Riserva di Montemaggio

Grappa Riserva di Montemaggio


Grappa di Montemaggio


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Christmas Gifts from Chianti