Grappa Riserva di Montemaggio

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Grappa Riserva di Montemaggio as Young Grappa di Montemaggio is also distilled in one of the most famous distilleries of Italy — Berta Distillery in Piedmont, exclusively for Fattoria di Montemaggio. The grappa is obtained from the steam distillation of our grape skins after a meticulous selection of superb Chianti Classico’s grape pomaces that are produced in Montemaggio. The correct aging in casks gives the grappa a fresh perfume and velvety flavour, fragrant, caressing and persistent with forest floor aromas. It has been aged in wood for 10 years, to make an anniversary in 2018 of 10 year ownership of the estate by Valeria and her Family.

This Grappa Riserva is made by applying the latest modern techniques of distillation with the maximum respect of the nature, in accordance with the most modern agronomic and refined techniques and using only selected grapes of a very high quality. The grapes are cultivated at an altitude between 450 and 600 meters above the sea level and picked by hand during each harvest.

Grappa Riserva is different from young Grappa in a sense that Riserva has been aged for 10 years in wooden casks! From this careful process comes an excellent grappa with a caramel color, warm and soft taste, invigorating and persistent smell, with the hints of wild forest, autumn berries and smokiness!

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