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Benefits of Wine & Your Health

Many wine lovers consider wine a social drink, irrespective of whether they take it periodically or once every day. And rightfully so, wine compliments almost every meal or occasion very well. However, not many people know the immense health benefits of wine, apart from the fact that it’s good for the heart.

Research has shown that wine, red wine specifically, provides different health advantages. You don’t need any particular reasons to down one more glass of your favorite wine, but this knowledge can be very useful.

Therefore, continue reading to learn three research-backed perks of drinking wine.


3 Amazing Health Benefits for Wine Lovers


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1. May Help Fight Cancer Cells

Cancer is a prevalent killer disease. But do you know wine may help shield you from many types? Sure, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, the phenolic compounds in wine responsible for reducing your risk of heart attacks may also affect breast cancer cells.

In a research report published by the University of Crete in Greece in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, it was disclosed that phenols negatively affected prostate cancer cells’ growth. Likewise, the antioxidant component of wine known as resveratrol can slow down the growth of cancer cells in the liver. This appeared in Oncology Reports published in July-August 2000.

Apart from these two benefits, red wine, in particular, has been reported to help put the brakes on oral cancer. In support of this report, studies at the University of Missouri School of Dentistry found that two antioxidants, namely quercetin, and resveratrol, may successfully hinder cancer cells’ advancement in the mouth. You can find their publication in the Journal of The American Dental Association, issued in June 2000.

It’s vital to note that red wine and white wine can also be infused with CBD, a well-known suppressant of the adverse effects of cancer treatment. The infusion process, called nanoemulsion, combines the great taste of wine with CBD’s health benefits. You can buy CBD-infused wine from vendors online.

2.  Great for Skin Care


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In a report by the Mayo Clinic, the antioxidants in wine, such as resveratrol, are derived from grapes. These antioxidants are known to help preserve healthy blood vessels and combat rising cholesterol levels. However, recent research indicates that they might also have outstanding effects on the skin of moderate drinkers.

In Dermatology and Therapy, you will find evidence that supports the fact that resveratrol is capable of stopping the spread of bacteria responsible for acne. The best part, the effects of resveratrol last longer than the traditional treatment for acne. However, it’s crucial to state that this research was conducted in a science laboratory’s controlled environment, instead of the actual human skin.

Nevertheless, certain companies in the skincare industry, such as Caudalie, add resveratrol to the skincare products they produce. Caudalie hopes to bring its customers the anti-aging benefits that resveratrol is believed to possess. However, we’re yet to find any scientific studies that support the effective topical use of this antioxidant as opposed to the drinking of wine as a beverage.


3. Fortify Your Body and Mind


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Aside from the two previous health benefits of wine, there are several other ways a glass a day can protect your body and mind. As reported in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, researchers discovered that red wine consists of antimicrobial agents that fight bacteria responsible for teeth decay, cavity, and other gum diseases. As part of this study, scientists lowered the biofilms of oral bacteria into different kinds of liquids.

All the wines in these experiments killed more bacteria than other liquids. In the report, the polyphenols present in wine were believed to be responsible for this observation. However, in no way does this mean that you should drink a glass of wine instead of regularly brushing your teeth.

In what may be a more surprising discovery, studies support the notion that moderate drinking of wine can drastically reduce the possibilities of osteoporosis. In the April 2000 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, the bone mineral density of women that drank one to three glasses of wine was higher in the hip region than heavy drinkers and nondrinkers.

But this benefit doesn’t apply only to women who moderately drink wine. Finnish research conducted on 143 men of ages ranging from 54 to 63 also found that those who drank wine moderately demonstrated higher bone mineral density.

Our Wine Conclusion

Given these impressive health benefits of wine, you could easily conclude that doctors should encourage nondrinkers to take up regular wine drinking. However, it’s quite the opposite since many medical practitioners are reluctant to encourage their patients to begin drinking wine, moderately, of course.

The reason is simple; most of these health benefits listed above come in cases of moderate drinking, which can be open to misinterpretation. On the other hand, excessive alcohol use poses many health risks. Therefore, it’s vital to drink all types of wine, both red and white, responsibly!

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