For many, the ideal picture of relaxation after a long day is sitting down in a comfy chair and sipping on a glass of delicious wine. Similarly when the phrase “guilty pleasure” is brought up, two things typically come to mind: fine chocolates and delicious wine. The image of wine has long been one of luxury, relaxation, and “guilty pleasure.” Why guilty? Because wine, linked with alcohol is generally thought of as unhealthy, but what if I told you the opposite was true (in moderation of course). I would not say that wine could be placed under the category of health drinks or that you should start consuming more and more wine in order to be healthier, but there are some surprising health benefits to having a glass every now and again.

1.      Diabetes Prevention

                Studies have proven that moderate, periodic consumption of wine can actually help to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. There are agents in wine that actually help your pancreas to work better. This helps your body to process and get rid of excess glucose, keeping your glucose levels from becoming too high (one of the main causes of the onset of diabetes).

2.      Reduced Risk of Stroke

                Strokes, or  sometimes called a “brain attack,” occurs when a blood clot forms in the brain, temporarily cutting off blood supply and oxygen to that area of the brain. Wine actually has the effect of thinning your blood, and thus reducing the risk of blood clots.

3.      Heart Health

                Having a glass of wine periodically and regularly can surprisingly help you to have a healthier heart. In a world where heart disease is rampant, it is especially important to do anything you can to take care of your heart. Because as previously mentioned, wine has an interesting effect of thinning the blood; it actually allows the blood to flow more freely through your body and puts less strain on your heart.

As more and more studies and articles continue to reveal interesting previously unknown benefits of wine, maybe that pleasure after a hard day of work won’t be quite so guilty after all.

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