It is now well known that for many kind of wines it is required to use different types of  wine glasses. Therefore we have different glasses designed in order to allow the drinker to appreciate the whole range of flavors and aromas.

Studies show that the shape of a wine glass can have an important effect on the nose and on the finish of wine.

Wine’s aroma is significant during the tasting. The various aromatic components perceived by nose, give you a clue about what will also be the perceived taste of the wine you were served even before tasting it.

If you do not believe it, try it. Take your favorite wine and serve it in different glasses, by varying the width of the cup and the opening of the glass. Can you taste the difference in terms of smell and flavor.

What about Red Wine?

When it comes to choosing the best glass for red wine, first of all think about oxygen and oxygenation. When the wine undergoes an optimal oxygenation there will be an optimal opening of the bouquet.

As red wines have a fuller body and more intense flavors than their white counterparts, it is fundamental to choose a glass in which your red wine can breathe. Think of the wine glass as a sort of decanter Wine glasses with a wider bowl and a wider opening allow the red wine to oxidize slightly and develop as you drink.

And because there are so many varieties of red wine, there are specific red wine glasses to suit a range of varieties.

We have the Burgundy glass, provided with a very wide cup the Burgundy glass is perfect for lighter reds with more delicate flavors.
After that we can find the bordeux glass A tall glass with a medium size cup, the Bordeaux glass is more suited for full bodied red wines.

As for those standard wine glasses
These glasses have a narrower cup than the previous examples and it is perfect for medium to full bodied red wines.

And what about white wines? 

As opposed to red wines, white wines go better in glasses having a narrow cup and a slightly longer “stem” in order not to scarify the wine too quickly. As for this type, a smaller and narrower cup has been concealed in order to preserve fruity flavors while keeping a cooler temperature.

Best types of wine glasses for sparkling wine

When it comes to serving sparkling wines such as Brut, a Champagne flute is ideal.

As sparkling wines such as Brut are best served when cool (6°-8°), the long stems of a Champagne flute are perfect as you will be able to hold the glass without transferring heat from your hand to the wine. Moreover, sparkling wine glasses are usually designed in order not to lose the effervescence of wine.

Now that you have some more information about which glasses to choose, experiment and do not forget to have fun and to match the food you prefer with the wines you love.

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