You may have heard much about the uses of organic extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen. Along with its versatile uses, organic extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for a person’s health, rich in nutrients and vitamins that are much needed for a person’s daily diet.

However, one factor that is nowgaining momentumis the use of organic extra virgin olive oil as a beauty product.

Indeed, with the seemingly countless benefits of olive oil, it was only a matter of time before the world discovered the uses of the full-bodied organic extra virgin olive oil for beauty.

The Source of Olive Oil

Now, we aren’t just talking about the olive oil that you might find in the food and oil aisle in a supermarket. Good organic extra virgin olive oil needs to come from a reliable source that promises quality. Here at Montemaggio, olive oil is produced with a lot of care.

Newly picked, the olives are sent to the olive press within 24 hours of their picking, and then stored at low temperatures after being freshly pressed.

And as a producer of some of the finest organic wines in the wine world, customers trust Montemaggio to provide them with only the best organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil for Beauty

Olive oil is a very effective antioxidant. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels and offers numerous health benefits. As such, it is used for many different beauty reasons.

Shave it off

Next time your trusty shaving cream fails you, go and get some olive oil and use it to get a smoother and silkier shave. Just remember; you are using oil, so it might get slippery for you if you are not careful.

Itchy Head

Got a dry scalp? Massaging your head with slightly warm olive oil can help give your dry scalp a lot of relief. And if your hair completely absorbs the oil, take this as ahint that you might need to consume more oil through your diet.


For any rashes that need soothing, such as a diaper rash or sun burn, apply a small amount of organic extra virgin olive oil, sit back and relax. Olive oils hydrate, and by using the right oil, you will be able to soothe any pain those rashes might be causing.

Easy Remover

Olive oil is also a very nifty product to use if you want to remove your makeup. It contains vitamin E and numerous antioxidants. Using it to remove your make up will only help in smoothing and hydrating your skin, while you take off your makeup. It is also a very effective skin moisturizer, so you won’t even have to spend any money on some uselessly pricy skincare products.

Simple Eating

As one of the 3 foods permitted by the FDA to have a health claim benefit on the label itself, you know you cannot go wrong with a drizzle.

The easiest way to benefit from the olive oil for your beauty is by simply consuming it. Olive oil drizzled over salads, meats, bruschetta and grilled vegetables, among other dishes, helps in improving your health,also giving you radiant skin.

Olive oil is one of nature’s best helpers. And with the help of Montemaggio’s organic extra virgin olive oil, you will be able to use this oil for your health in every way possible.

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