After the first article dedicated to color and aromas we could not miss part number two where we analyze the main components of wine’s taste

In the taste of wine are summed up all the gustatory and olfactory sensations (defined as taste-olfactory) as well as tactile sensations.

In wines it is possible to appreciate hardness, smoothness, aggressiveness and delicacy.
These types of sensations are related to substances which are present in macroscopic quantities. We are therefore talking about ethyl alcohol, acids and glycerol.

Dry Wines

As for dry wines, in most of cases there are no residual sugars or, when present, they are negligible quantities and they will not release sweetness.


As for alcohol there is a perception of pseudo-heat. Therefore a sort of tactile perception.


Wine’s acidity is obviously higher in younger wines and in the base wines destined to sparkling. Color will benefit from it, as it will be more lively, and the perception of crispness in the mouth will be very important because of the strong salivation.


Tannins give astringency and often a bitterish sensation, we must however point out the perception will be very different according to the evolution situation of the wine.

In a Young Wine

In the presence of a young wine tannins coming from grapes tend to be more aggressive, whereas in case the wine is more mature and in case it has been aged in wood because of polymerization, they will be smoother and more elegant.

Acetic Acid

This acid is produced by the oxidation of ethyl alcohol and determines what is commonly known as volatile acidity. In case it is present in small quantities it will give freshness, whereas in case it is present in huge quantities it could be pungent and not very pleasing.
Now all you have to do is pour yourself a nice glass of wine and try to recognize these sensations and discover something more about these wines!

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