Wine itself has been the focus of attention for Italians for many years, so it was obvious that when the idea of Vinitaly was conceived, the Italian world would rejoice in the idea. Born in 1967, the Vinitaly Fair became the event where wine connoisseurs and wine aficionados from all over the world gathered to celebrate their love for a dynamic yet captivating elixir that had taken the world by storm.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Vinitaly has once again brought great wines from France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Argentina, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and China, all for the love of wine. Being such a prestigious event, it is only obvious that Montemaggio would bring some of its best Italian wines to the proceedings.

Montemaggio’s Role in Vinitaly

Focus Conference

Vinitaly hosts a special conference that focuses on the research and analysis of the wine market. Montemaggio will take part in the discussion which will focus more on the history of wine and the involvement of different factors that have contributed to the popularity of wine.

Vinitaly has changed the way the world sees wine by letting others understand the many characteristics of wine origin. Montemaggio is going to take this opportunity to help others see the role of good Chianti wine in oenology.

Special Shows

Montemaggio will also be one of the many producers who shall be putting their best wines forward for the world. All events will be held in different areas where journalists, sommeliers and producers from different countries shall take this opportunity to taste different wines.

This is a very special event, since many people in the public get a chance to taste the best productions of wine from each winemaker. Montemaggio’s booth shall be in Hall 9, booth D4.

Wine Tasting

Just when you think tastings in Chianti couldn’t get any better, along comes Vinitaly to give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vinitaly will have thematic tastings where some of the greatest experts and producers shall take part in tasting wines from different vineyards. Although this may be seen as an educational experience, it is also very inspiring. With the experts testing each wine with the finesse of a master at work, you will be holding your break as the experts sniff and swill the wine. And you can bet that Montemaggio’s Chianti Classico will definitely tick all the right boxes for them.

Food Pairings

At Montemaggio, we often give advice on the right food pairings. At Vinitaly, Montemaggio’s wine shall be served with regional products, each paired with some of the most refined cuisine prepared by the most popular chefs. Known as “The Large Kitchen of Vinitaly”, this session is something that no gourmet or wine connoisseur will want to miss.

Vinitaly is an opportunity for all to come together and enjoy wine. And with Montemaggio’s participation, you can bet that you will be able to taste your favorite Italian wine while reveling in the joy of being with like-minded wine lovers.

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