One hundred years of passion, dedication, and tradition: this is what the Chianti Classico Consortium celebrates, a cornerstone in the Italian and international wine world. Since its establishment in 1924 in Radda in Chianti, this consortium has represented the oenological excellence of the Tuscan territory, upholding a centuries-old tradition with innovative spirit and tireless passion.

And what better way to celebrate this significant milestone than with a series of events that involved the entire city of Florence, the beating heart of Tuscany and the cradle of Chianti Classico?

The weekend leading up to the fateful 14th of May was a jubilation of taste, culture, and conviviality, with both renowned names in Tuscan gastronomy and young talents destined to carry on the Gallo Nero (Black Rooster) banner in future challenges.

 The Gallo Nero Takes the Stage in the Kitchen

From Friday the 10th to Sunday the 12th of May, Florence was immersed in aromas, flavors, and colors that paid homage to Chianti Classico. Star chefs alternated with tasting events, offering exquisite dishes paired with wines from the Consortium. A true hymn to culinary creativity that marries oenological tradition with the modernity of contemporary flavors.

Among the highlights was the musical pairing that saw the great hits of rock history blend with the finest vintages of Chianti Classico, offering a sensory experience unique in its kind. A marriage of notes and aromas that engaged the audience in a timeless emotional journey.

The Young Galli Neri: Custodians of the Future

But not only big names and culinary stars. The Chianti Classico Consortium wanted to dedicate space and attention to the new generation of producers, the Young Galli Neri, heirs to a centuries-old tradition ready to carry the torch with passion and determination. Meetings, tastings, and discussions gave voice to these young talents, showing the fresh and dynamic face of a wine world in continuous evolution.

 The Highlight of the Celebration: May 14th

And finally, the long-awaited moment: May 14th, the symbolic date of the signing of the founding pact among the producers of Chianti Classico. In a solemn and evocative setting like the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, a conference was held focusing on the deep bond between wine and territory, tradition, and sustainability. A unique opportunity to reflect on the role of Chianti Classico in the global wine panorama, with contributions from experts, institutions, and representatives of other renowned denominations.

Following this, a gala dinner at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, a place steeped in history and culture, brought together associates, the press, and representatives of institutions in a toast to excellence and tradition.

 In Conclusion

The Chianti Classico Consortium has completed 100 years of history, but looks to the future with the same spirit of innovation and passion that has distinguished it since its origins. A celebration that involved not only industry professionals but the entire city of Florence, paying tribute to an oenological excellence that has captured the hearts and palates of enthusiasts around the world. So, let’s raise our glasses: long live Chianti Classico!

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