Are you looking to buy extra virgin olive oil? If you are, there is one thing you should never forget: all extra virgin olive oils are not the same. Thus, you should be careful when making an online purchase because you don’t want to end up paying for something that is not worth it.

1. Check Online Reviews

Even if the label of the bottle says that it is extra virgin olive oil, do not delude yourself into believing that it actually is extra virgin olive oil until you have done some authentic research.

A lot of times, companies pack pomace or virgin oil in bottles that are labeled as extra virgin olive oil. Remember, extra virgin olive oil does not have any sort of defects and it also has no weird taste and no bad smell but you really can’t try that online unless you read customer reviews. Make sure that the company that you are purchasing from has a good reputation and its customers who have already made purchases from them, have to say a lot of good things about its products.

2. Description on the website

Always read the product description mentioned on the website carefully. If it says that the olives have been cold pressed, it means that there was no application of when the oil was being extracted during the process of crushing. Cold pressing helps in avoiding changes in the chemistry of an olive and also avoids all sorts of defects.

3. Avoid plastic containers

Exposure to heat, light, and oxygen can end up causing rancidity. When shopping for extra virgin olive oil online, look for those being sold in glass bottles. Avoid plastic bottles and containers at all costs.

4. Price Tag

Good quality extra virgin olive oil is never going to be extremely low-priced. If an extra virgin olive oil being sold online by a particular company is a lot more affordable than the ones being sold by other companies, then chances are that you are being fooled. Remember, artisanship requires money and time and making good quality extra virgin olive oil is rather expensive.

Montemaggio is not only known for harvesting the finest wines known to man, it also cultivates organic, premium quality, extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent antioxidant, as it reduces cholesterol levels and offers various other health benefits. Buy the best quality organic extra virgin olive oil from us today at some of the most convenient rates online!

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