Do you love wine but never had the confidence to go for a wine tasting? If so, there’s no need to worry as you are not the only one. Wine is one of the most preferred choices among alcoholic beverages, and a wine tasting event can be the perfect opportunity to relish all of the different kinds. But many people find wine tasting to be a daunting exercise that only experts can indulge in.

If you are planning to explore the vast world of wines through a tasting, all you need is some basic knowledge and know some of the rules that apply to this enjoyable pastime. Read on to find out some tips that might help you ace your first wine tasting with ease.

What Is Wine Tasting?

People often believe that wine tasting is all about drinking wine, but they are mistaken. Wine tasting is rather a process of examining and evaluating the different vintages. While you might be familiar with having wine served with meals and enjoying it, sitting with professionals to discuss the characteristics is something entirely different. There are wine societies, groups and wine clubs that hold tastings regularly for enthusiasts.

The process of wine tasting is a long but rewarding one. You can enjoy the aesthetics of the wine by merely looking at it. It can help you understand its color, opacity, and viscosity. The taste and age of the wine can be assessed by just its sight. In the next step, swirl the wine in the glass and then sniff it to enjoy the aroma. Believe it or not, most of the taste comes from the aroma. You can then taste the wine and notice its body, tannicity, and acidity. Lastly, you can take time to form your opinion on whether you like the particular wine or not and the reasons why.

Wine has been a favorite beverage of choice among people around the globe, and the same still holds true. Another alcohol that continues to be a favorite is Blood Oath, which you must try.

Wine Tasting Tips that a Beginner must Swear by

The very thought of sitting among wine connoisseurs and tasting it can intimidate anyone, whether you are going alone or with some company.

Here are some tips to remember for your first wine tasting:

1. Swirl and then Sniff your Wine

You might have seen a lot of people who are wine experts swirling the wine glass and sometimes even sniffing it before they take a sip. Don’t worry, this is the best way to enjoy its taste.

Like we said before, half of the taste of your favorite wine comes from the aroma. Swirling the wine in the glass allows oxygen to enter the wine and it becomes more aromatic. You will be able to enjoy the different aromas of the wine when you take a strong sniff from the edge of the glass.

To swirl like a wine pro, keep the glass stationary on the table, hold the stem and then carefully move the glass in a circular motion. It will ensure you don’t spill it and embarrass yourself.

2. It is your Choice to Swallow or Spit it

The most common dilemma when it comes to the tasting is whether to swallow or spit it out. The age-old tradition to spit it once you taste the wine developed because of the necessity to stay sober through the entire tasting. Drinking too much during the tasting can certainly impair your decision-making processes. You may even have trouble deciding which wine you like the most.

While a majority of wineries offer a small portion of the wine at tasting to keep from getting intoxicated, it is entirely your call to swallow or spit it. If you plan on spitting the wine, you can ask for a bucket. Today, both options are still socially acceptable.

3. Always go from White to Red Wine

White wine tends to be more crisp, acidic, and easier on your palate, whereas red wines can be bold and leave a strong flavor in your mouth. If you start your wine tasting from reds, it can leave a strong taste and make it difficult for you to taste any other flavors.

If you want to enjoy the wine thoroughly, you can start with bold white ones. They can cleanse your palate and allow you to enjoy the different flavors of the subsequent wines. Then you can go for rose wine and then the red wines. If you also have sweet dessert wines to try, you can keep them until the end to avoid having the residual sugar affect your palate.

4. Keep Crackers and Water Ready

It is quite essential to cleanse your palate in between wine tasting to ensure you can enjoy the flavors of the next one you try. Nothing works better as a cleanser than water and crackers. Almost every tasting room has crackers and water ready for you, but you should go prepared, in case they don’t. Sipping on water and eating crackers will freshen your taste buds and make sure you enjoy the wine tasting. Keep crackers and water with you whenever you plan on exploring different kinds of wine.

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Final Thoughts

Wine tasting can be an overwhelming experience, whether you are a novice or a wine pro. But if done right, it can be equally rewarding. While you are getting ready for your first wine tasting, keep these tips in mind, and you will be good to go. The time to wait is over, plan your trip to a winery today. Montemaggio is a great place to enjoy a wine tasting, degustation as well as the estate of the vineyards in the Chianti region. Book your trip today.


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