Ever found yourself in the situation where you have no idea what presents to gift to your friends? Then maybe it is time for some DIY!

If you are a wine-enthusiasts like us here at Montemaggio, many of the following materials should not be lacking in your house. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for Christmas presents to your wine-loving friends

Customize your own wine label

Sometimes we try to go great lengths to find an original gift. Truth is, you may already know what is your best friend’s favorite wine… so why not add a personal touch and customize the bottle with a self-made label? All you need to do is buy printable adhesive sheets to feed into your printer at home, then it is just a matter of how creative you feel: any modern Office Suite contains enough basic image processing software tools to allow you to become your own label designer! You can either make one yourself or download one of the hundreds templates available online. Alternatively you can ask us to create your personalized labels when you order our Montemaggio’s wine bottles!

Montemaggio Wine Labels

Customized placeholders for the Christmas table

For the next one we need a bit of creativity and some manual ability, but the final result should be worth the effort! Gather some corks, round head pins and a few marker pens. Now use your imagination and picture the cork as the body of a small animal that needs legs, paws, a tail, ears… do you see where this is heading? A few round head pins could suggest the ears and nose of a small mouse or the paws of a teddy bear. If you manage to get your hands on some colored pearl round head pins and wool spools, you have enough materials to create small spoofs for your dinner guests with colored eyes and hair, or just make a few different ones and make a gift box for your friends!

Turn corks into Christmas tree ornaments

If you can never bring yourself to throw away a used cork, then this may be the right idea for you. Gather a few jingle bells, eye screws or pins, soft haywire, glue and a small nail. Use the nail to carefully dig a small hole at the bottom of each cork, dab a bit of glue on it and proceed to screw in the eyescrew. Use the soft haywire (help yourself with a pair of small pliers) to link the jingle bell with the eyescrew but make sure to leave some space for the bell to be able to tingle. Now for the opposite side of the cork: cut another short string of haywire, make a small loop around the pin and push the latter inside the cork’s head. Now you can hang it from anywhere!

If you have tried any of the above or if you have your own special wine-related gift, we would love to hear from you! Leave your story in the comments section below.

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