Biodiversity is a term we hear a lot lately, but it is probably necessary to clarify what is meant by biodiversity and, above all, why this biodiversity is so fundamental for the vineyard and, in general, for the ecosystem of a winery.
It is therefore necessary to understand the relationship between ecosystem and choices from the point of view of viticultural approach. These two elements we have just mentioned certainly have very strong points of conjunction. Moreover there is also a direct relation with what will be the quality of our final product: wine.

Every single choice made in terms of agronomical practices has an impact on what is our biodiversity.

In few words, what we want to do is to bring the vineyard to have an optimal resilience.
Creating a sort of balance between the various organisms that make up our ecosystem-vine, the health of the soil, and what we want to achieve in terms of product.

In addition, the vine hosts many microorganisms, some harmful, others that contribute to the defense of the plant.
It is therefore important to understand that when potentially harmful microorganisms are eliminated, there is also the risk of creating irreversible damage to those microorganisms which act as protectors for the vineyard.
The same kind of argument can obviously be made about insects.
This is why instead of relying on classic pesticides to destroy or decimate certain types of harmful insects, it is certainly wiser to approach innovative solutions that bring a new balance within our ecosystem. First among all, probably for effectiveness, the use of ampoules of pheromones.
It is then used an approach that aims at sexual confusion of the insect. The male will be unable to understand where the female is and will be confused by the amount of pheromones contained in the ampoule. We will thus stop the reproduction of one or more insect species, or at least reduce it to a small number.
And of course without creating a damage to our ecosystem-vine we will be safe from any damage.
Moreover, planting flowers, plants of different species and whatever else near the vineyard obviously creates an immediate increase in biodiversity and therefore in the resilience of our system.

Biodiversity is basically the variability between living organisms of any origin and the ecological complexes of which they are part.

Biodiversity is probably the key in Organic Agriculture and Ecosustainability.

Biodiversity also creates a balance between humans and nature.

We are learning more and more about our ecosystem.
We are becoming aware of the fact that quality and quantity never go together, and that increasing the resilience of our ecosystem beyond the enormous benefits to our and the vines’ overall health brings us benefits from the point of view of the quality, complexity and value of our wines.


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