Malvasia Nera is a captivating grape variety that holds a significant place in the world of winemaking, particularly in Italy. Renowned for its deep color and aromatic qualities, Malvasia Nera thrives in various Italian regions, contributing to a diverse array of wines, from sweet passito to robust reds.

Originating from the Mediterranean region, Malvasia Nera is believed to have ancient roots, dating back to Greek and Roman times. Its name suggests a connection to the Greek port of Monemvasia, indicating its early presence in the Mediterranean trade routes.

One notable expression of Malvasia Nera comes from the esteemed Montemaggio estate, nestled in the heart of Tuscany’s Chianti Classico region. Emme di Montemaggio, a flagship wine of the estate, showcases the true potential of this grape variety.

Emme di Montemaggio is a premium red wine crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. It embodies the essence of the terroir, reflecting the unique microclimate and soil characteristics of the Montemaggio vineyards. The wine exudes elegance and complexity, capturing the essence of the surrounding landscape.

In the glass, Emme di Montemaggio reveals a deep ruby hue, hinting at the richness that awaits. On the nose, intricate layers of dark fruits, such as black cherry and plum, mingle with floral notes and subtle hints of spice. With each sip, the wine unfolds on the palate, revealing velvety tannins, well-integrated oak, and a lingering, harmonious finish.

Emme di Montemaggio is a versatile companion at the table, pairing beautifully with a range of dishes, from hearty Tuscan classics like wild boar ragù to more refined fare like grilled ribeye steak. Whether enjoyed in its youth or aged to perfection, this wine exemplifies the timeless appeal of Malvasia Nera and the artistry of winemaking at Montemaggio.

Through Emme di Montemaggio, wine enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience the allure of Malvasia Nera and the essence of Tuscany, encapsulated in each bottle with a legacy of tradition and innovation.

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