Cielo di Montemaggio IGT


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Chardonnay grapes have been grown in Montemaggio since 2009, in order to offer our clients a fresh alternative to the reds especially in summer. The process of selection for these grapes is as rigorous as for other grapes in Montemaggio. After the harvest and various stages of selection, the must is fermenting at controlled temperature in order to preserve all the fruit and aromas of the future wine. After the fermentation the young wine is then aged for about 5/6 month in new and aged wood.
In Montemaggio we grow grapes with very low yields, which is an absolutely essential parameter for making quality wine.

During the harvest, the grapes are harvested by hand in crates and afterwards the berry by berry is selected, and everything that does not meet high quality criteria is eliminated. During the fermentation, the temperature of the must is regularly checked to preserve all the aromas and fragrances of the future wine.

All Fattoia di Montemaggio’s wines are certified with the organic label, using only grapes grown following organic methods of agriculture, therefore without synthetic chemicals and without GMOs. The sulphite content is very low compared to non-organic wines.



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