During this very recent harvest of Sep/Oct 2014, my farther in law came to visit us in Montemaggio. He has fully participated in the whole harvesting experience and was shocked of how much manual labour is involved. He really was astonished at how much time and effort we spend harvesting our grapes. Therefore after one long and very hard working day, he told me: “People need to know how you make wine, they need to know that you harvest and select each bunch in the winery, how you then again select berry by berry on the table of selection before finally the berries are gently crushed before going for a fermentation”. Thus this gave me an idea of making short amateur videos to share with you to show the effert we put into making Montemaggio wines. Forgive me for a bad quality image and shaking hands, but i hope they will nevetheless convey what i really wanted to show you all.

The rest of the videos you could find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFH3xZmx8tZX8eOxcqI8AA

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