From the very moment I arrived at Fattoria Montemaggio, the entire experience exceeded any expectation. Situated in the heart of Tuscany and rooted in the principal heritage district of the Chianti region, Fattoria di Montemaggio undoubtedly produces Chianti that will satisfy the palate with sophistication and elegance. At this charmingly situated estate, the vista, hospitality, wine, (not to mention the olive oil!) was stupendous. The gorgeous estate is situated on layers of rolling hills and led by the gracious Valeria Zavadnikova. The property has an undeniable presence and is as welcoming as it is elegant. The Chianti Classico possesses a beautiful ruby color, full body, and elegant spices. There are hints of floral aromas and a wonderfully smooth finish. Truly, nothing short of excellence at Fattoria Montemaggio, an impervious and unparalleled experience! If you find yourself in the region and are thirsty for colorful landscapes, scenic sunsets, and a sophisticated wine experience, then Montemaggio awaits you. If distance is upon you, then I would definitely recommend ordering and trying the wine for yourself!

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