Fattoria di Montemaggio will present three wines for this important occasion; the first wine will enter the market in about one year, while the second and third in a short time.

Chianti Classico Montemaggio 2010

2010  has been a fantastic vintage, both in terms of quality and quantity.

It will be an easy drinking, not too powerful, very pleasant, versatile wine, that could be enjoyed with any meal.

Chianti Classico Riserva Montemaggio 2008

2008 has been quite a cool vintage and there have been many difficulties during spring,  however we were able to overcome these obstacles by a drastic selection in the vineyard  that has led to a perfect ripe and concentrated fruit.

This wine is very fresh, well balanced with a complex bouquet, balsamic and mineral notes. In two words…it is a very persistent and elegant wine and will be perfect with elaborated dishes.

Rosè Montemaggio 2012

Being done completely with Sangiovese, we continue to linger in the territory and style of Chianti Classico! It is a very sapid and mineral wine, fantastic as an aperitif or with fish.

The novelty, however,  is in the packaging, in particular the bottle’s shape that has a different design. Last but not least, the bottle has a new glass cork, that has been designed by the prestigious Czech firm Vino Lok, who is the leader in this sector.

“A cork that guarantees a perfect seal against oxidation, hermetic, sterile and with high hygienic standard- asserts the agronomist and manager of the estate Ilaria Anichini – that goes on saying“ in addition to this, this kind of cork allows controlled maturation of the wine, guarantying the  safeguard of the quality and the original taste.

The Glass cork has been selected over the wooden cork for the precise reason to offer more guarantees to the consumer, to avoid that he or she will be negatively surprised and disappointed from the taste that wooden cork might often lead to.

Something more to underline is that Fattoria di Montemaggio will present older vintages than other wineries during this event, precisely because Montemaggio produces wines that require and benefit from age, since they would not have a chance to express their authentic characteristic if drunk young.


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