Light Lunch/PicNic

In Italy, food and wine inevitably go hand in hand and we could not let you go, without offering you a taste of Tuscan delicacies as well!

Montemaggio would be also very happy to organise a Light lunch for you, your family and/or your friends, however it could be done only together with the tasting or any other of our experiences.

According to your preferences, we will propose a lunch with typical Tuscan products and dishes that will not disappoint your expectations. Montemaggio is not a restaurant, and therefore we cannot prepare complex dishes, but we can offer your some very tasty traditional Tuscan starters and some simple main courses along with desserts.

The lunch can be paired with a tasting of our best Tuscan wines. To book a light lunch contact us.

Below we give you an idea of possible recipes options we could offer for our light lunch:

  • Crostini neri made with chicken liver
  • Tuscan cheeses
  • Ham and salami (cured pork meats)
  • Pappa al Pomodoro (very traditional Tuscan Tomato soup)
  • Ribollita (very traditional Tuscan vegetable soup)
  • Ravioli or Tortellini handmade pasta
  • Grilled selection of local meats (veal, lamb, pork and chicken)
  • Grilled local vegetables
  • Crostata with handmade jam (jam tart)
  • Ice Cream

More and more guests ask us about the possibility to have lunch at the winery. They would like something fast and easy that they can enjoy somewhere around the estate surrounded by nature.

Therefore, we had the idea to suggest a Chic PicNic.You will get a pretty little basket with 3 fresh focaccias filled with different kinds of cold cuts, a bottle of water, fruit, etc. You can then choose between a couple of different places around the estate for where to enjoy your chic little picnic.

  1. During the wine tasting right in the tasting room
  2. In the vineyard, sitting in the shade under an oak tree where there is a table and benches.
  3. In the garden, where you can relax on a blanket on the lawn.

Price: 16,9 euro per basket + plus the price for a bottle or a glass of wine of your choice. Furthermore, you will be charged a deposit for the glasses and the blanket. When you have finished your lunch, you will get the deposit back. PicNic is available only together with FULLY IMMERSIVE WINE TOUR WITH BLIND TASTING and IMMERSION WINE TOUR WITH MINI TASTING COURSE or combination with other experiences like cooking classes and art classes. 

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