7 км  до города Радда ин Кьянти, 7 км  до города Панзано ин Кьянти
30 км до Сиены, 50 км до Флоренции. 150 км  до Форте деи Марми.
From Panzano in Chianti: in the centre of the town of Panzano, follow the road up that has indications for Montemaggio, that takes you to the mountains, where you will find more directions for Montemaggio via non paved road. Please always follow directions for Montemaggio and Radda in Chianti.

From Radda in Chianti: when exiting Radda in Chianti you will find a roundabout with directions to Florence and Siena. Please take directions for Florence and follow the road for about 1-2km. On your right hand side you will see a junction with directions for Volpaia and Montemaggio as well. Please take the turn and follow the directions for Montemaggio and Castelvecchi. After the Castelvecchi follow the non paved road for about 3km until you reach Montemaggio.