The Age of Organic Wine

One glass of red Italian wine a day can do wonders for your heart and soul.

And when you have a glass of organic wine in your hands, the benefits only become more precious. For long, vintners have used the concept of organic, natural and Sulphur-free wine as a way of bringing a healthier wine option to the world. And wine lovers have welcomed it with open arms.

However, since not many vineyards around the world have yet caught on to the idea of organic wine, wine lovers are still at a loss to understand how they should handle their bottle of favorite red.

Not to worry though; because Montemaggio is here to explain all about how you can handle organic wine and how its production is impacting your health and environment.

Understanding Organic Wine

Organic wine comes in a variety of types. However, the organic wine that is produced by the Montemaggio vineyards is created through natural means without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any use of preservatives, thus giving you a more pleasurable taste.

The reason why organic wines are so loved nowadays is because many people are finding the added chemicals in non-organic wines to be dangerous for their health. With pesticides and fungicides used, we unknowingly consume ingredients that harm us in the long run.

Because of this awareness, wine lovers are leaning towards safer options that would provide them with a better taste and none of the additives.

Impact on Wine Market

Organic wine has garnered a lot of attention in developed countries, specifically because more people consume wine in such areas. With the urban population seeking to be on top of the trends in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, more people try to find factors that would set them apart from the rest. And that is exactly what organic wine allows them to do, offering health benefits to boot.

In fact, because of such attention, even developing countries and vineyards in rural areas are turning over a new leaf and are trying to offer organic wine to meet the expectations of their customers.

Health Benefits of Organic Wine

One major factor that allows organic wine to trump the effects of non-organic wine is its lack of sulfur content. For many that are allergic to sulfur, the particular preservative in wine can cause headaches and migraines. That is not the case with organic wine, since it uses no such preservatives.

Other benefits of organic wine include;

  • Reduced risk of blood clotting
  • Regulated blood sugar level
  • Boosted brain power
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Weight loss efforts
  • Lower levels of bad cholesterol
  • Raised level of good cholesterol

Preservation of Organic Wine

preservation-of-organic-wineYou must understand that with organic wine, it is the lack of preservation that makes it so good. However, with no preservatives to maintain its freshness, organic wine loses the ability to have a long shelf life. Now, we’re not saying that your wine will go sour after a few weeks. But this also does not mean that you will be able to keep the wine in pristine condition without taking proper storage measures to secure its freshness.

Organic wine offers a uniquely fresh taste that not only promises health but also offers its quality and production as an environmentally friendly option.

So don’t wait! If you want to taste some of the best wines in Tuscany, come to the Montemaggio vineyards, buy your favorite bottle of Montemaggio wine, and give yourself a heady elixir that you will never have enough of!

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