5 Reasons Why Wine Is Better In Italy

The lush rolling greens of Chianti gleam as your backdrop. You’ve got a glass of the most perfect Italian red wine in your hand. The cicadas are buzzing amongst the flower patches and the promise of a relaxed evening looms ahead!

These are the memories that come to mind when you take a sip of that gorgeous Italian red. So why is it that the effects of that wine seem slightly dull; even though it’s from the same vineyard that gave you such heady memories?

We may have a few reasons for that!

Enjoying Wine in Italy

Reason#1: You’re Relaxed and On Vacation in Europe!

Of course, everything looks, feels and tastes better! It doesn’t take a scientific study to determine that being relaxed can soothe those frayed nerves. With more time to concentrate on the true hedonism of the moment, rather than on a business meeting, you get more time to enjoy everything.

When drinking wine, the atmosphere plays a great role in contributing to the experience. This is probably why even your best glass of Chianti Classico Riserva at home may not hold a torch to the organic red that you had while standing amidst the scenery beside your loved one in Italy.

Reason#2: Wines Convey A Story

The wine created in the vineyards in Italy is a local product and made for local consumption. Created in smaller quantities than your commercial wine, the taste is memorable because it is fresh and local. But more than that, it is created via a very natural way and with a hint of something special that would be a signature of the vineyard itself.

Next time you have a glass, you may remember a story that the guide would have told you. That is what makes the wine special.

Reason#3: Italian Wine Uses Local Grapes, Many of Which You May Have Never Tasted

Thousands of grapes are used in wine production which are not exported to other wine makers, simply because they are produced in smaller quantities and are so specialized that one wouldn’t normally opt for them when grocery shopping.

As such, they end up being used for wine. The flavors these grapes produce seem very different to us, particularly because our palette is not used to its taste. This brings us to…

Reason#4: Wine sold overseas is often changed when marketed to Customers Abroad

We’ve heard of this from many of our customers. Now, if you’re buying your wine in Italy from a local cherished vineyard such as Montemaggio, the flavor palette would remain the same.

However, many larger brands often change their wine so that it suits the American palette. And although it does bode well for those who’ve never tried the local version, the taste ends up being quite lackluster for those who are used to the majestic notes that the flavors of local wine present.

Reason#5: You forget that Wine is a Living Thing

But food and drinks are not living organisms! Yes, but they are made from products that live, grow and change. Wine is an amalgamation of ingredients, all of which can change the structure of the liquid. Factors such as temperature and even movement can change the taste profile of the wine.

Sometimes, this change can be temporary. But often, even such simple movements can be enough to knock out that balance of flavor in the win. This is why many vineyards such as Montemaggio take special care when delivering wine bottles that are bought through direct sales.

So you see; if you want to enjoy wine at its best, your only option is to come to Italy and revel in its gorgeous surroundings. So go ahead, book a ticket, and add a trip to Montemaggio on your travel list so that you can experience the very best flavors that Montemaggio has to offer.

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