Visiting Wineries – Top Tips for your Italy Tour

Visiting a winery in Italy is perhaps always the first item in every wine lover’s bucket list.

Indeed, many individuals consider this drink to be a privilege, rather than a luxury. So the chance to visit a winery in real life presents them with a wonderful opportunity – a chance to experience a stunning location, as they indulge in a sip of exquisitely created wine.

As a renowned Italian winery, Montemaggio receives its fair share of wine lovers throughout the year. And every time we encounter them, we understand a bit more about the connection that many people have with their favorite brand of wine.

So for those who are planning a trip to the luscious wine fields of Montemaggio, we offer some useful tips to help them make the most of their Italian wine tour.

Tips to Have a Successful Wine Lovers’ Trip

1. Do Your Homework about the Vineyard You Want to Visit

Vineyards have their own websites, so you can easily identify ones you want to go to before hopping on that place.

Decide the ones you want to go to and jot down the directions in as much detail as you can. Include names and street addresses and keep in mind that you may need to plan out your mode of transportation if you visit wineries that are located higher up in the hills.

2. Visit the Local Tourist Office

The local office is there for a reason. Get the maps and information you need and ask an official to give you the best route so that you don’t get lost. Be careful to ask about the hours as well, since often many wineries do not stay open past noon, and sometimes only open every other day.

Because of the hours of riposo, many vineyards close between 12PM and 3-5PM, since this is considered as an extensive lunch hour. So plan your visit to the Chianti winery around it.

3. Take Care for the Route Numbers

This cannot be emphasized enough. Have a good map handy with you in case you don’t understand the route. Route numbers in Italy can be difficult to locate, so understand the route by towns rather than street numbers.

Note down the towns that come between your current location and the vineyard you’re visiting, and follow the signs on the map to get to your destination.

4. Buy a Bottle – Even if it’s relatively inexpensive

Larger wineries often charge a hefty sum for their tastings in Tuscany.

However, wineries like Montemaggio and other family run-businesses do not.

Feel free to indulge in your cravings, and pick a bottle or two for your gatherings back at home.

5. Understand Shipping Costs

Buy a BottleShipping can be very expensive. So if you want to buy a bottle of wine and have it shipped to your home anywhere in the world, contact the winery and inquire about their shipping details. Many wineries offer the services of shipping their bottles to different destinations after direct sales for an affordable price. It’s best to understand rates beforehand.

Also, it would be wise to check whether your country allows wine to be shipped. You don’t want your favorite beverage to be confiscated by state authorities.

Italy is a wonderful haven for all things hedonistic. And with wonderful wine, scrumptious food, heavenly atmosphere and friendly people around you, you can bet that your trip to the vineyards of Italia will definitely provide you with memories that will last forever.

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