The Perfect Shade and Style of Rosé Wine

When you want to enjoy the intensity of red wine while experiencing the tinge of white, your best option is the Rosé. Pinked-tinged and perfect to a fault, this wine has truly become the focus of oenophiles everywhere because of stunning shade and style of taste.

Originating from the 1800s, this pale wine is now favored by millions alongside the classic chardonnay and the sultry Chianti Classico red and is well on its way to becoming the star of the wine world because of its variety in taste. Now, while nearly every type of wine grape is used to make rosé wine, the best grape so far has been the Sangiovese grape.

The Sangiovese Factor of Rosé

Firstly, let’s get the styles out of the way. Because rosé can be created from numerous grapes, there is a wide variety of rosé styles available in the market. Grenache, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, white Zinfandel, Tavel, Provence, Mourvèdre and the ever popular pinot noir are the leading grapes that make up the global rosé market.

Nevertheless, the reason why the Sangiovese leads in rosé flavor is not only because of the fruity factor, but also because of the bitter note that it leaves on the finish, thus making the wine fruity as well as acidic. Giving a bright copper red color to the rosé, this grape allows different fruity notes to come through such as fresh strawberries, green melon, roses and many others as just the few. These fruity notes in turn, complement the mouth quenching factor of this pleasantly dry wine against the bitter finish it contributes. Served cold, this wine is perfect for all seeking a brunch drink, or a simple refreshing glass after a hard days’ work.

Rosé WineThe Perfect Shade of Rosé Wine

Wines made from pinot noir or merlots offer a very soft look to your average glass. Diluted and sweet, these wines are produced when the sugar is not completely fermented in the alcohol. However, due to this tasting content, these flavors of wine are often distributed in bulk across markets.

On the other hand, wines made from grapes such as the Sangiovese are often dry and offer a very intense shade of pink to the elixir. Although they are the most common style of wine, the dry rosé wine is often sought as it is not sweet and is blended with that of 2-3 grape types. However, you can still choose to consume this shade of wine alone by choosing a wine source that offers rosé made strictly from one type of grapes, such as the Rosé di Montemaggio.

As wine producers, rosé wine holds a special place for us since it is a diverse style of wine. So if you want to try high quality Sangiovese rosé or any other style of the best Italian wine, you can visit the Montemaggio vineyards for a time of indulgence in the wonderful world of wine.

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