The Different Taste Styles of Chianti, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva

Wine is “wine” and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

The power that this name carries promise all, that one sip of this heady elixir can transport us into a world of pleasure through taste. Truthfully, it is just the sensation of having a glass of wine in your hand that instantly beckons the drinker on their path toward hedonism.

But with such a complex mechanism that wine presents, is it justifiable to say that wine is just wine?

The Many Styles of Wine

Red wine is the most famous wine in the world, there’s no doubt about that. But treating all red wines by just calling them simply wine would be wrong.

Amongst the many styles of wine that grace us with their existence, there are three wines that offer most flavors; that is Chianti wine, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva.

However, because most people do refer to all wines as simply red, the difference between the above three gets lost in the mix.

So here, your favorite winemakers let you in on how different each of these wines are and how you should be treating them.

Chianti Wine

Chianti wine is the most common brand of wine. Bottled simply as Chianti, this blend is created from a mix of grapes obtained from the Chianti region. However, the main difference that separates Chianti from the other two wines is that this wine uses a minimum of 75% Sangiovese grapes as well as white grapes for the mix.

You may think that it would be strange to add white grapes to a red wine mix. However, these grapes reduce the tannin in the Syrah and add a sense of aromatic complexity to the wine.

Another reason why Chianti is different is because the minimum level of alcohol is usually 11.5%.

Chianti Classico

If you want a Chianti Classico bottle, look for a wine bearing the mark of the black rooster on its neck. Chianti Classico wine is quite different from Chianti since it uses a minimum 80% of Sangiovese grapes. This style of wine is only concocted with red grapes and offers an alcohol level of at least 12% which is more than what you would get from your regular Chianti.

Alongside, the most prominent factor that affects this it is that Chianti Classico wine is stored and aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months before it is bottled for sale.


Chianti Classico Riserva

If you know a little bit of Italian, you must have guessed what the term Riserva stands for.

Italian for reserved, Riserva is seen as the leader amongst other styles of wine. Classico Riserva is not a term usually applied to Chianti though, and can be used for many other wines that offer quality in taste.

The best Chianti Classico Riserva wine differs from others because it is aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels, and three months after in the bottle before it is released for consumption.

Although close to Chianti Classico in terms of alcohol content level (12.5%), Chianti Riserva is a great candidate if you want to age the bottle, although this depends on the maker of the wine itself.

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