How to Enjoy Grappa Properly

Aside from wine, Grappa is one of Italy’s most loved alcoholic drinks, and for good reason. Created from the skins, seeds and stalks that are left over from the process of wine making, the vintner takes these ingredients and distills them a second time, extracting any remaining flavor that can be taken from the pomace.

While most of the grappa you see in the market is colorless, it can also be aged in wooden husks, although that process gives the grappa a slight golden color that is very irresistible for all grappa lovers. Usually served after a meal, the grappa is either taken as a shot or added to an espresso for good kick. However, this is not the only way that grappa is enjoyed.

Experiencing Grappa the Right Way

Use in Cooking

Organic red and white winesare many a time used in cooking to make different sauces, creams or even to simply add that special flavor or aroma.

Similarly, grappa is also used in cooking to give the dish a unique taste, since it delivers all the intensity of red wine with the crispiness and invigorating taste of white wine to the mix.

Drink from the Right Glass

Grappa is not your average beverage. In order to enjoy it, it is essential that you use the right glass to complement the flavor.

It is usually consumed from a tulip-shaped glass, whereas older grappa is drunk from a cognac glass.

Follow the Steps

Just like wine, drinking grappa involves several steps. The best way to enjoy this drink is by filling your glass one-quarter full and then wait for 10-15 minutes. After that, inhale the aroma and allow it to register. Don’t inhale too much though; the alcohol factor of the grappa (35%-60%) can overwhelmyour sense of smell. Breathe in the aroma at intervals, then take a sip and let it wash your mouth before you swallow.

Keep it Cool

Grappa should always be drunk at the right temperature. It is usually best if consumed at 10 degree Celsius, whereas older grappa tastes better if it is kept at 16-18 degrees.

Store it Right

best Italian wineYour best Italian wine might benefit from being kept on its side. But with grappa, it is important that you store it upright, since keeping it horizontal will put it at the risk of being corked. Also, try to keep your grappa away from direct heat or sunlight, since exposure might cause the aroma to dissipate.

Along with our collection of organic wines, we also offer a very special Grappa di Montemaggio. If you want to experience grappa at its best, simply order the best wine from us and use our tips to enjoy this gem of a drink at its finest.

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