An Oenophile’s Guide to Smart Wine Storage

If you want to know how much a wine lover is dedicated to this heady elixir, take a look at how they store their wine.

For a wine connoisseur, knowledge of proper wine storage is essential. Wine is a concoction that deserves all the attention, since its fragrance and flavor is one that cannot simply be replaced by any regular beverage.

Wine storage consists of many different factors. From maintaining a proper temperature to keep the aging wine well-wrapped, knowledge of wine storage covers all the basics and intricacies of keeping the flavor of the wine in pristine condition. And while we all know by now how to keep an open red wine fresh, we now focus more on the details of wine storage, which is an art in itself.

The Elements of Wine Storage


White wine is best when chilled, but organic red wine tastes better in room temperature. With the simple factor of temperature making such a difference in taste, how do we know what level of warmth will keep the wine from diminishing in flavor?

The optimum temperature for wine mostly depends on the atmosphere it is kept in. For instance, if you live in an environment that has moderate temperature, an open wine rack would be the best option for you. If you want to control the exact conditions of your wine, get a wine cooler.

For an oenophile, however, wine temperature is more than just a factor that keeps the wine fresh. To help it retain its peak flavor, wine is stored within a range of 40 to 65 degree Fahrenheit so as to keep its temperature variation as minimum as possible.


Along with proper temperature, the environment for wine needs to kept as clean as possible so that dust does not coat the rim of the bottle, especially if you plan to consume it later on.

Light is also very harmful for wine as it causes discoloration. According to research, the see-through component of wine does little to protect the win against any oxidation.

Another factor about environment is that cold environment or low humidity an also subject the wine to damage. In fact, placing the wine in your refrigerator is just about the worst thing you can do to it.

Placement of the Bottle

Although grocery stores, even wine shops place their wine upright, the proper way of storing wine is by placing it on its side.

The reason for this is basically the cork that holds the wine in. Firstly, it must be understood that the cork is a natural product, and therefore will deteriorate with time. As it ages, it dries and cracks, allowing air to seep into the bottle, thus causing oxidation. However, by keeping the bottle on its side, the cork stays in touch with the liquid inside and stores in the moisture. Thereby, it maintains its size, and even expands so that no air can pass though the tight seal.

Peak Flavors

Bottle wineIn wine terms, the peak of a wine is when the elixir remains at its highest drinking quality. The peak however, depends on the time it takes for it to reach maturity. For example, if the wine reaches its optimum flavor in one year, it will maintain that peak for another year. For this, it is important that we maintain all three elements of wine stated above so that the wine reaches proper maturity. Remember; bottles stored to peak at correct temperatures will always be superior.

As a procurer of the best Italian wines, Montemaggio has always strived to maintain these standards of proper wine storage, and with this short yet useful guide, we hope that you enjoy the pleasures of wine in all its glory.

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