Top 5 Wine Myths Debunked!

Love your wine, but can’t seem to shake off those suspicions? You are not alone.

As a favorite topic for many, wine has been the center for many speculations, some of which were not entirely in its favor.

But not to worry; we at Montemaggio set your fears to rest!

Which Wine Myth Shouldn’t You Believe?

1. The More Expensive The Wine, the Better It Is

It would be a real shame if only expensive wine gave people the chance to experience wine at its best.

However, if you really want to enjoy good wine, going for high priced ones isn’t the best way to secure it. In fact, many critics emphasize that quality of wine actually depends on the maker and vintage, rather than the price tag.

2. Red Wines are More Sophisticated than White Wines

Most people use white wine as a gateway towards red wine. And although red wine does offer more of a full-bodied flavor, there are still many who rediscover white because of its compatibility with different flavors in cuisine. White wine is very unique in taste. So if you feel that perhaps red wine offers a much serious taste, think again.

3. White Wine Goes with Seafood, Red Wine Goes with Meat

Guidelines state that white wine should be consumed with seafood because it is lighter than the full-bodied red Italian wine. However, this guideline is not a just rule. Thanks to the hard work of many chefs, we have numerous recipes that offer red wine with finely frilled salmon and white with pork and veal.

4. Old Wines are better

We’ve already discussed this in a previous blog that debunked myths about aging wine. One of those myths disproved that only old wines could be better. The fact of the matter is that old wines, while valuable, do not offer the best taste at times. In fact, from all the wines in the world, there are only a few that age well.

5. Ice Should NEVER Be Put in Wine

This is a common misconception that has ruined many a palettes from tasting the wonderful perfection of wine. You can add ice cubes in your wine. Ice is used to cool the temperature of a drink, especially if it is alcoholic. In the same way, as you would put ice in scotch or bourbon, using ice in your wine will not destroy the flavor or nuance.


So now that you know which wine myths you shouldn’t believe in, why not enjoy a nice bottle of the best Tuscan wine?

Come over to the Montemaggio vineyards and have a taste of the best wines that we have to offer.

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