The Mixologist’s Guide to Grappa Cocktails and Treats

Strong, elegant and adventurous; grappa is one alcoholic drink that truly takes its drinker for a ride of a lifetime.

Created from the skin, seeds and stalks of the grapes that are used to create wine, grappa offers an almost hedonistic taste of grape, but with a touch of earthiness and sharpness.

With so many characteristics that show it as a truly out-of-the-ordinary concoction, it may come as quite a surprise for many that this drink is now being used to create an exciting number of truly delicious cocktails. But that’s not all.

Amongst those who take the singular consumption of grappa as a challenge, there are some who are providing us with many ideas on how grappa can be enjoyed in some very thrilling ways.

Consuming Grappa as a Cocktail


Adding Liquor

Since grappa is a distilled spirit, it mixes very well with other distilled spirits as well. Different alcohols such a vodka and vermouth can also be added with scented blends to make different kinds of liqueur. Although in case of such spirits, it is always best to add some citrus flavors as well such as lemon and lime. One grappa based cocktail that is much loved is the Grappa Gimlet that uses two parts gin, one part grappa and sweetened lime juice in an ice-filled glass.

Grappa with Grapes

In a way similar to spirit blending with other spirits, the grape factor of grappa also allows the mix to blend as well. Along with being used alongside wine-base punches, grappa can also be used with medium bodied red wines. But to make the cocktail much sweeter and delicious, most mixologists use different fruits such as lemons, blood oranges, green apples, grapefruits and pears as well.

Along with grappa, Montemaggio offers a range of delicious red wines so you can easily experiment with the best ingredients for your palette.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Usually, grappa is served as a digestif, which means that you can either serve it straight or add it alongside your dessert. Now, because of the high alcohol level in the drink, grappa is the perfect addition if you want to add it to any non-alcoholic drink such as coffee, dairy or juice. Grappa can also be added to chocolate as a seasonal pick-me-up, which is good news for those who want to come up with a new Christmas tradition.

iced-drinkUsing Grappa in Cuisine

It’s quite clear that grappa can be used with different types of food. And for many people, this presents them with a chance to create some delicious treats.

  • Grappa can be used as a marinade for different fruits as well. You can place grapes in grappa and add sugar and herbs to bring some added oomph.
  • You can also choose to soak cherries in grappa as the liqueur brings a touch of flavor.
  • Grappa is also very flavorful for savory dishes as well. Many chefs have used grappa while sautéing mushrooms, or flambéing some sort of shellfish.

As a great source for this alcoholic treat, Montemaggio offers their Grappa di Montemaggio for all customers alongside some of our very best Tuscan wines. If you want to experience wine at its best, visit our vineyard and order from us. Give your palette the chance to be truly enlightened.

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