The Celebratory Culture of White Wine

What is wine, but a symbol of celebration with brilliance and gusto!

Wine is a symbol of something, if not celebration. Having become a part of our culture in a sense that no occasion seems complete without a glass of that satisfactory concoction, wine has well and truly made its mark in the global society. However, from the many wines that grace us with their tasteful presence, the one style of wine that exceeds all others is that of white wine.

White wine, along with champagne, is a staple in many celebratory events. From weddings to small, elegant get-togethers, white wine offers superior taste and good crisp tinge on the tongue that cannot be replaced.

But one has to ask; why is white wine considered one of the best celebration wines?

White Wine Characteristics

Although champagne is the usual choice for special occasions, white wine is seen as a more viable choice since it offers all the elegance of champagne but without the bling factor or the hefty price tag.

White wine is also light and has a more refreshing taste than the indulgent red. As such, white wine can easily be consumed with different dishes without having the taste interfere with the flavor of the food.

Furthermore, white wine offers many different characteristics which one doesn’t normally enjoy with red wine. White wine has a smooth taste and texture, and has a distinct vanilla taste that creates an element of freshness in the acidic taste. Also, since dry white wine does not have any sweetness to its taste, it keeps from overwhelming the tongue, thus making it a preferable choice for late-night occasions.

It also doesn’t hurt that white wine doesn’t stain as much as red wine does, if spilt.

Best White Wine for Occasions

For those seeking good high quality wines, the best choice among our whites is Chardonnay.

Although the Sauvignon Blanc is a great celebration drink, Chardonnay is a much preferable option because of its Italian origins.

In fact, here at Montemaggio, our Chardonnay di Montemaggio is one of our best sellers, simply because the wine offers a wonderful blend of flavors and notes of butter.

Wine, especially white wine, is a delicate yet stout drink that offers much in a single glass without overwhelming your senses. So if you want to have celebratory drink, have a glass of white Chardonnay and indulge in the delicious freshness of wine as you celebrate your achievements and hopes for the days ahead.

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