How to Choose the Best Source for Olive Oil

For those of us who love to eat healthy, one ingredient in our daily palette that benefits us most is that of olive oil.

Olive oil is truly one of the best cooking oils that nature has rewarded us with. But how do we know which oil is best? Terms like “organic” and “extra virgin” is not something everyone is aware of. So how do we know that the choice we make is right?

Little Knowledge about Olive Oil

There are several phrases that are associated with olive oil: pure, virgin and extra virgin.

Many companies market their olive oil as the ‘best’ because of its ‘purity’. However, the phrase pure is a good word only from a marketing standpoint. In actuality, pure oil is a lower grade. Extra virgin olive oil is the true highest grade of olive oil in the market.

Also, it is recommended that consumers stay away from any “refined olive oil”. While the term refined might promote positive attributions in other products, refined olive oil is actually processed and is mixed with solvents to take away any odors or flavors that might give away the questionable quality of the mixture.

How to Choose Olive Oil?

Choose Olive Oil1. Check the Origin

Just because a bottle boasts that the oil is from Italy doesn’t mean it actually is. Many companies send their oils to be packaged from Italy. Check the label to see where the oil is originally from. Keep an eye on the small print.

2. Look for the Harvest Date

Time is never as kind to olive oil as it is to your favorite bottle of red Chianti wine. Olive oil only offers better taste for 2 years before it starts losing it quality. This is why many companies print the harvest date of their olive oil on the back of the bottle so that consumers can have premium quality oil without worrying about it going bad.

3. Trust Your Senses

When you buy olive oil, smell and taste it. Since your senses won’t be overwhelmed by the outside odors such as smoke, disinfectant or any other odor, you will be able to judge the quality of the oil clearly.

4. Find a Favorable Source

The reason why Montemaggio is so popular amongst health food lovers is because we offer organic wine as well as high quality extra virgin olive oil among other products.

The harvest usually takes place in the first half of November so that the fruit maintains its freshness and quality.

So if you’re looking for high quality organic extra virgin olive oil, visit our vineyards and find all the ingredients to add the perfect organic essence to your daily diet.

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