Can a Wine Decanter Affect the Taste of Wine?

The sultry smooth texture of Italian red wine as it pours out of the decanter is enough to seduce anyone who is even the least bit interested in wine.

Decanting may not look like much, but the process of allowing the wine to have increased exposure to oxygen can significantly affect the taste by softening the harsher tannins and letting the floral and fruity aromas take center stage. This is how decanting affects the flavor of wine.

However, you can’t simply use any decanter for your red or white. Here is some insight so you can make the right decision when buying a decanter for your wine.

Enjoying the Body of Wine

You need a decanter that will be able to decant the wine faster. For example;

  • If you havea full-bodied wine like our Chianti Classico, you will need a decanter that would have a wide base.
  • If you have a medium bodied red wine, you will need a medium sized decanter.
  • For light-bodied wines, a small or medium sized decanter will work best, although it is recommended that you chill it first before using.
  • As for white and Rosé wines, using a small chilled decanter will provide you with the best result.

How Decanters Affect Wine

When pouring wine into a decanter, you must pour it by the sides so that it hits the insides of the glass. This allows for better exposure to oxygen. You can also choose to swirl the wine by the neck so that the surface of the wine is exposed to the atmosphere.

Now, for each wine, it can take from 15 minutes to up to 3 hours, although the average time by this estimate may be 40 minutes. Each wine and the size of the decanters produce different timelines.

For instance;

  • Full-bodied wines take up to 1-2 to be decanted.
  • Older red wines though, offer different durations since it is their style that affects the decanting process.

Decanting Old Wines

The reason why we are focusing on older wines here is that while older wines from Montemaggio won’t take as long to be decanted, the same cannot be said for unrefined wines from different sources. Fine red wines can contain sediment and over time, this sediment becomes prominent.

Now, it is possible for you to take a tea strainer and pour the wine into the decanter through it to remove the sediment. However, a decanter can also do the job since decanting may remove the sediment.

Glass of a Decanter

montemaggio-redDecanters are made from different kinds of glass. Crystal is much more durable and allows you to have a beautiful artistic piece for use. Glass decanters however, are made with thicker walls, and offer a more simple shape. Though this may not matter if you only want a decanter for the wine, instead of its aesthetic features. In this case, a plain glass decanter can work fine.

However, you must be careful of glass decanters that have thin walls, since they may not be dishwasher safe.

So now that you know the basics of decanters and how different wines can offer different tastes, don’t wait!

Come to the Montemaggio vineyards, buy your favorite bottle of Montemaggio red or white, and decant your wine and revel in the true taste of the elixir.

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