A Host’s Guide to Planning a Christmas Wine Degustation (Part 2)

Continuing on our quest to help you have a memorable Christmas wine degustation, here are some more details to help you plan the event!

Planning a Christmas Wine Degustation

Do Your Research

After you’ve chosen a theme, do a little research so you can be best prepared. Find some fun facts and add a little trivia so that you can add some context to the wine tasting experience.

Determine between blind and non-blind tastings, basing your decision on your guests’ knowledge of wine.

Finally, consider whether you should serve wines before and after tastings. Just be sure to have nonalcoholic options if you plan on serving dessert wines. Your guests may have to drive back.

Shop for Your Wine

Now, if you’re a true lover of wine, we know you would consider getting wine from the best sources. Though you can choose to buy good wine online or from a wine store, you can also order one through direct sales.

For example, if you want a beautiful Chianti Classico wine from Montemaggio, you can ask anyone to buy the wine for you if they are headed to Italy. After the order has been made, it is Montemaggio’s job to deliver it to you.

In this case, you can also contact Montemaggio and inquire about the number of bottles you would need. A general rule of thumb is two ounces per person, so you will need one standard bottle per eight-ten people. We also keep past vintages so customers can experience their favorite wine again.

Cleanse Your Palette

Food for a wine tasting shouldn’t include beyond palette cleansers. But depending on the gathering, you can opt for a full meal or a dessert after tasting the wine.

However, if you’re choosing a palette cleanser, keep your taste buds neutral. Set a lot of bland crackers and avoid anything flavored or salty so that you can taste the wine. Also, if you’re serving bread as well, make sure that the bread is not grainy.

Make the Meal Right

If you’re opting for a snack, dessert or a full meal, don’t go for something to flavorsome like stinky cheese or olives, since they can overwhelm your palette.

Instead, try something that matches the wine menu. For instance, if you’re red Italian wines, serve pizzettes or prosciutto recipes to balance the taste. For dessert, serve vanilla ice cream or fresh fruit compote. Basically, any option that complements your wine and doesn’t overwhelm the palette should be good.

Know How to Serve

Before the tasting, double check that you have everything set up in the tasting area. Line up your bottles near the tasting area, making sure to place them in the order in which they are to be tasted.

Though there are no set rules, we suggest you start with white wines and then go on with the reds. As for the actual wine tasting steps, Montemaggio has a complete blog dedicated to wine tasting!

There you go! By following this guide, we hope that you are able to have a successful wine tasting event that would be the highlight of your holiday, apart from the presents, of course!

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