A Host’s Guide to Planning a Christmas Wine Degustation (Part 1)

Christmas is near (only after another month, but who’s counting) and we simply cannot wait to greet the holidays and the merry cheer that comes along with it.

And with such a wonderful atmosphere bringing with it a feel of happiness and community, what better way to celebrate it, than with a Christmas wine tasting that will surely knock everyone’s socks off!

But don’t worry if you’re worried about planning the event!

Here, we at Montemaggio provide you quick and snappy tips so you can plan a holiday degustation without losing your merry spirit.

Planning a Christmas Wine Degustation

Get a Game Plan

When planning a wine tasting, you first need to determine the type of event you want to host. You can either choose to focus completely on the wine without the distraction of food.

Or you can combine a dinner, cocktail party or even a light hour where your guests can snack on desserts. Though if you’re going to have desserts, a good idea may be to have a simple dessert wine party and follow that with some tasty treats.

Know the Right Time

You will receive a lot of awkward silences if you say you’re planning a degustation near the main holiday. Wine tasting parties need to be conducted at a right time so your guests don’t have to worry about their own tasks.

So when planning, try to host a wine tasting at the weekend. Fridays and Saturdays are ideal since your guests don’t have to go to work the next day. Also, be sure to plan a time when your guests might not be hungry, though this is a factor you must consider if you’re not going to serve food alongside.

Guest List

You can both invite a large group or a small party of three and still have a wonderful time!

Whatever your choice, take your location into account. Find out whether a group of 14 people will be able to fit in your tiny kitchen, or whether a small group may feel comfortable with one another. Also keep your own kitchenware and glassware in mind since you don’t want to run out.

Most important, keep your budget in mind as well. You don’t want to give your guests an awkward experience!

Pick a Theme

One of the most important aspects of planning a wine tasting, a good wine theme can make or break your party. Now, though it may not seem as serious, the truth is that you want your guests to be able to enjoy the wine and know how it was made if you want to serve them something unique.

For example, if you are to serve them with the best Italian wine this side of Tuscany and your guests are only acquainted with wines from their specific regions, then your efforts would go to waste.

Also, think of the season when you choose a particular wine. You don’t need to serve your guests with a crisp and chilly white if your guests are in the mood for a heavy indulgent red in the middle of a snow storm!

Now, this is just the start of what you need for a Christmas wine degustation. If you want to know the rest, stay tuned to the Montemaggio blog for complete information!

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